Who We Are

W're specialists in data integration and storage. This includes capturing, centralising, standardising, and storing data - lots of data.


Our Mission

We help organisations better capture, integrate, and access data. Our goal is to be experts in data integration, large scale data storage, and real time data processing. In an increasingly data driven world, we help reign in big data, storing it, and delivering meaningful data to people and processes, in real time.


Our Plan

Our plan is in our people. We develop teams and certified individuals that design and deliver and maintain high quality solutions. We focus on business process and business information needs, leveraging our certified technical skills to solve those needs.


Our success formula is simple. We setup a streamlined platform, deliver projects to solve business problems, then provide a managed service to realise your investment over years.

Solution Delivery & Management

Project Enablement

This service installs our streamlined platform, minimising ongoing technical complexity and optimising devops processes.

Project Delivery

Delivery services include product management and technical delivery management. Our method is based on lean architecture and design, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Manage & Improve

This service establishes an ongoing operation to manage your asset, improve it, and ensure value delivery and return on investment (requires value baselining).

Integration Services

Application Integration

Using Mulesoft, Talend, Spring Boot, TibcoBW, or ServiceMix, we implement proven integration patterns to make data flow. This includes layered SOA, JMS, service orchestration, microservices and API Gateways using Single sign-on.

Cloud Integration

We create secure integrations between on-premise and SAAS solutions, as well as between SAAS products. Our specialists are also certified in Amazon Web Services and help create scalable AWS solutions.

ETL Services

Not all integrations need to be real-time. Where appropriate, we perform ETL (extract, transform, load) based integrations using the Talend platform.

Data Services

Cloud Storage & Data Lakes

We help with the storage, processing, and delivery of vast amounts of diverse data using big data technologies. These include Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J and Amazon Web Services.

Data Migration

Our specialists can help perform data migrations between on-premise applications as well as migration of data to cloud based applications.

Data Visualisation

We help visualise your business processes, data flows, and visualise complex data using modern HTML5 graphics frameworks (canvas or svg). These include D3 or 3JS.

Companies we've helped

Our specialists have solved integration challenges in the following public and private organisations